What’s a Bonus Partner?

With every bundle that we put together, we invite a number of incredible partners to get in front of millions of potential customers in their niche. Although a campaign like this would typically cost well over $10,000, we don’t charge you a single penny. Each company participates by providing each bundle purchaser a bonus offer valued at $15 or higher. The bonus must be a legitimate, no-strings-attached offer, that gives each customer the opportunity to get to know your company and try out your products. The most common offers are either a free product (perhaps something that you are looking to promote), or a store credit.


  • Get free advertising on 200-500 blogs in your niche. Additionally, many of them will promote you through their social media outlets.
  • Expose your products and brand to an audience of millions. Many of these will see you multiple times during the promotion.
  • Increase traffic to your web store.
  • Find your target market for your product.
  • Gain the opportunity to build a relationship with each new customer, turning them into returning customers again and again.

After participating in their first bundle, 91% of our past Bonus Partners have asked to participate in future bundles. Here’s what some of them have said:

“Even before the bundle went live, the site traffic of Fit2B experienced a spike as they encouraged other sponsors and affiliates to check out all the links they’d be promoting. The day the sale went live, our traffic jumped by about 300%. Even two months later, our site hasn’t “calmed down” and is still 100% higher than it was before the sale from day to day since the sale brought in so many new members who are now spreading the word about my business.”


“Out of all the bundles I’ve been a part of, this is the most professional team. They innovate constantly, and have redefined what it means to create and sell top-quality bundles. Readers are always excited about it, too, and it’s been relatively lucrative for us. I look forward to participating in each new sale…”


“We have enjoyed working with Ultimate Bundles as an advertiser (Bonus Partner) for several eBook bundles. Offering a coupon with the bundle has been an excellent way to introduce our site and our products to new customers as well as grow our newsletter list allowing us to keep those new customers engaged. With over 2k coupons redeemed during the last bundle, many of whom went on to purchase additional products beyond the promotion, this form of advertising has been a wonderful success and we look forward to participating in the future.”


“Our success with the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle far exceeded anything we could have hoped for. It was a great way for us to get the word out about our service and all we really have to offer those of any household background. It was also a great opportunity for us to partner with some bloggers and other services who may not have had the chance to use our service in the past!”


“We were pleasantly surprised by the success of our advertising in the first ebook bundle…We saw a 300% spike in people trying out our software through the ebook promotion. Many of those turned into customers because they fit perfectly into our homemaking demographic. However, we were completely floored by the success of our advertising in the second ebook bundle when all of our numbers doubled from the previous year. We can’t wait for the third one!”


“Our partnership with the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle was an overwhelming success for DaySpring. The number of redemptions for our Bonus Offer far exceeded our expectations. Through the Bundle we were able to reach our targeted demographic in a way that was seamless for us—from execution to redemption. We were most impressed by the additional product revenue we saw from those redeeming their Bundle Offer. This partnership is a win-win for everyone!”


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this only beneficial for companies that sell digital products?

Only 32% of our past bonus partners sell digital products. 68% of them sell tangible goods. But after participating in one bundle, a full 93% of our bonus partners have asked to participate a second time and beyond.

If I’m sending tangible goods to customers, can I charge shipping?

We allow partners to charge shipping on goods that they ship to bundle purchasers, as long as it is the same shipping policy as they typically have. For example, let’s say that you typically charge $4.95 flat shipping, but provide free shipping on all orders over $50. If you were to offer a $15 gift certificate to your store, the customer should only be required to spend an additional $35 to get free shipping.

How do I apply?

We’re glad you asked! Please tell us a little bit about yourself and your business in the form below.

How do you decide who is accepted as a bonus partner?

We consider a variety of factors including the quality of the offer, the fit of the company to our audience, and the how well each company presents online.

Apply to become an Ultimate Bundles bonus partner